Welcome Authors!

We are so grateful for your interest in having an event at Pan Yan Bookstore!

Please take a look at the information below and fill out the Google form at the bottom to express interest in attending an event, or just for more information!

Single-Author Events

These are for our authors that are relatively well-known nationally, regionally, or locally and can draw an audience on their own.

What we provide:

What you provide:

Multi-Author Events

These are for our indie authors who are up-and-coming and enjoy setting up at events with others. We typically have 6-12 multi-author events a year either for all authors or more specific genres!

What we provide:

What you provide:

So, who's buying the books?

We let all our authors choose whether they would like us to provide their books or if they want to bring their own.

We Purchase the Books

We keep all profits. As an independent bookstore, we work on thin margins and cannot afford to reduce our earnings.

You Bring the Books

You get 70% of all sales of your book(s). We keep 30% to cover credit card fees, labor, and overhead.

What's next?

If all that sounds good to you, please fill out the form below, and our events team will contact you soon!

If you need to reach them directly, please email events@panyanbooks.com.